Something about myself …

Well, here I am…

Born and bred Czech.

Since 2013, I’ve been living overseas and now I am a resident of New Zealand (yep, that far away from Europe).

If you’re interested to know what I do for fun then mostly you can find me playing with my kids (I tried to be as long as I can), on a mountain bike, or behind a keyboard while building stuff for investors.

Also, I found my passion in photography and become a big fan of Sony Alpha mirrorless cameras lately (they are so great!).

If you’re curious about what do I do for work…

Many things.

Mainly Software Engineering, Technical leadership, and Software Solution consultancy.

But also, I cannot resist any manual work either.

Not many people know this but I grew up in a family with a long farming history and because of that, I developed a lot of skills in my childhood from there.

And therefore not just software but I do know how to build stuff from tensible things and know the difference between nail and hammer 🙂 (which is becoming very valuable these days).

Anyway, if you like what I do and want to connect with me, feel free to do it. I like to hear from you.