Something about myself …

Well, here I am, my name is Martin.

Born and bred Czech. I’ve spent a couple of years overseas and am now a resident of New Zealand (I have never thought that will go that far away outside of Europe).

For fun, you can find me either on the boat with my family, on a mountain bike, or behind a keyboard while building stuff for investors. Also, I found passion in photography and become a big fan of Sony Alpha mirrorless cameras (btw., great job Sony!).

What do I do for work?

Many things. Mainly Software Engineering, Technical leadership, and Software Solution consultancy.

But, cannot resist any manual work. Not many people know this but I grew up in a family with long farming experience and traditions and got many manual skills from there, too (which is becoming very valuable these days).

Anyway, reach out if my profile sounds interesting to you and would like me to help you with your amazing project.

Happy reading!