How much ACR (Azure Container Registry) costs?

Well, believe it or not, this Azure service has no free subscription. The ‘cheapest’ one is about $0.252/day with total of 10 GiB of storage and 2 Web hooks. Unfortunatelly, with no support for Geo replication.

As pricing can change over the time, this site should give you the most up-to-date details:

Price per day$0.252$1.008$2.520
Included storage (GiB)10100500
Premium offers enhanced throughput for docker pulls across multiple, concurrent nodes
Total web hooks210500
Geo ReplicationNot SupportedNot SupportedSupported
$2.520 per replicated region
Azure Container Registery pricing

Do I like ACR?

Yes and no …

For a big projects in size, where the biggest proportion of the solution services is getting provisioned in Azure – Yes, definetely. The level of convinience of having ‘everything’ (source code, tool-set, hosting environment, …) in one place plays a big role in here. The assumption is that if Devs/DevOps are happy with tool-set within the same platform, the overall progress on the project should be faster as there is no need for an extra work for system integration and shaping diametrically different skill set (theory but works in many cases).

And for the projects hungry for disk space and tight to budget – No. There are cheaper alternatives on the market, for example (with one private repository in Free plan – whoop, whoop!). Pricing starts as low as USD $5/month (with annual plan) which is insanely CHEAP! So if Azure is not your dime in solution, wold be my choice to pick.

More details about Docker pricing (and most updated) can be found here:

Docker pricing and subscriptions
Docker pricing and subscriptions

Overall rating of this technology

5/5 Rambos

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