Skills needed for becoming an ultimate Frontend Software Developer

If seriously thinking about starting your carrier as a Frontend Software developer, you’re not going to do a bad turn with any of these Technical skills on the list below.

Especially for those who want to be demographically independent – aka, you’ll be able to find a job anywhere you go to maintain your cash flow…

From my working experience these are the most resonating ones currently on the market (2021) in sequential order from the most wanted to down:

Bonus skills:

There are plenty of training materials online to start your journey.

But … I strongly recommend starting with the basics and principles first before jumping on core development. This can save you a lot of time in faulty code investigation and prevents unnecessary initial frustration (learning curve).

Btw., I am more like a person who learns from visual sources and I can give your a few tips on what I use for your start:

  2. Technology homepage and community forums (for example homepage for Node.js, and community forum

I hope you enjoy this reading today.

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Why every Software Developer should learn these 3 languages

We are living in a very fast and dynamic world now. The days when software developers could have just a narrow set of skillset are gone and in order to “do good” on the market, everyone must adopt them.

It does not have to be a radial adaptation process (phew!) but having reasonably good knowledge about certain development languages, patterns, frameworks, and “way of doing stuff” ala trends is the must.

That is why YOU as a software developer should know these languages at least an intermediate level to be able to code some basics without googling.

Alright, enough of the initial sauce of words, let’s get into these three languages according to the 2020 Dev survey.

Must languages to learn


1. Believe it or not, the best option for you is Python. I am not going to write what this language is in detail but in brief, this interpreted and high-level and generic-purpose language has become integrated into almost any type of solution you can think of (cross-platform). Well, that is not surprising to me as been with us for almost 3 decades now (1991). What is more interesting in it is the actual philosophy which stands on these points:

  • Beautiful is better than ugly
  • Explicit is better than implicit
  • Simple is better than complex
  • The complex is better than complicated
  • Readability counts

You can read more about the language here
You can get yourself quickly into it by looking at this repo (my recommendation)


2. Honestly, I am surprised that JavaScript made it to second place (and not to the top). I personally think that this multiparadigm language has a lot of potential for the future and so every developer should learn it.

Read more about JavaScript here
My recommendation for how to get started is to follow these sites:

Go (Golang)

3. And probably my favorite one over these two is Go (Golang). Not because of my experience (just started to learn this) but because of what am capable of in a very short time (hey I am C# dev, I know what I am talking about!). This would not be my surprise if Go makes its way to the top of the ladder in the next 3 years.

Read more about it here
And after that go and install Go on your desktop, and hit this page on how to get started

Used data source

A survey conducted by 65k tech geeks

For more information have a look at this page

Just remember, that data has been collected from an active society contributing to Stackoverflow. That means that these results do not EXACTLY reflect the market situation globally nor in your region. Always do your homework and look at the different data sources, related to the place you live (and going to be for the next 5 years).

New Zealanders this does not apply to you. You cannot go wrong with these three ones. Just for reference, NZ-based company Rocket Lab is constantly hiring Software Engineers with Golang experience

Overall Stackoverflow survey rating

  • it’s great to have actual IT pros attending this survey
  • Stack overflow holds a big audience
  • in my opinion, data were collected from the younger generation as opposed to the older and so segregated datasets might not be in the required balance for reports

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